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In reality, friendship is an essence of life.

Why Friends Are Important: Top 6 Reasons

It is something inevitable in all the different stages of life. Truthfully, we are surrounded by many types of friends. There are fair-weather friends who are the so-called friends that stop being friends when we are in need. True friends are those who are willing to keep us out in times of trouble and they put buy a paper to be our shoes.

There is also type of friends, known superficial essays on why friends are important in our life.

They are usually our acquaintance in life, with them we can have only superficial friendship. english proofreading online free and foremost, weather friends are those who befriend with us during good times, especially when we are rich, influential, more superior than others, famous, smart or even good looking.

But when their help is really needed, they just disappear in the blink of an eye and it seems like they have vanished in thin air and you cannot find them. They will just give all sorts of excuses to avoid us.

Importance of Friends in our life

They have something in common, usually they are unwilling to help, being selfish and self centred. To be honest, they befriend us just for companionship as and their own essays on why friends are important in our life.

Their true colours are shown during our time of hardship, especially when we are broke or being stricken by big failure in life. Fair-weather friends befriend us for what we are, most of the time. It saddens us beyond tears that are many such people around us in this modern society.

Clearly, friendships are an important part of life, whether it exists in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood. However, many people travel through life without the benefit of a true friend. Fortunately, I own the privilege of having two best friends, Angie and Kelvin.

However, there are true friends. but deep down in your heart, you know that they will never forsake you.

They are always around and they are not beyond our reach.

Role of Friends in Our Life Essay

They are most supportive when the going gets really tough for us. They will never ever betray us for their own sake. They keep our secrets and they are our great comfortables.